AsyLex is supported by various experts in the field of migration and asylum. Through the valuable support of these professionals, our volunteers always have the possibility to consult with an expert on difficult questions or cases.



Expert on Migration Law and International Human Rights Protection

Dr. iur. Fanny de Weck is a lawyer focusing on migration and criminal law working in Zurich. She has worked at the International Human Rights Unit at the Federal Office of Justice in Bern. In this context, she gained considerable experience regarding individual complaints procedures before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Committees in Geneva.



Expert on International Proceedings regarding Refugee Protection

Curtis Doebbler is an international human rights lawyer who, since 1988, has been representing individuals before international human rights bodies in Africa, Europe, the Americas and the United Nations. He has advised governments, including the Palestinian National Authority, and represented an extraordinary number of refugees and displaced persons in Africa. His publications include “United Kingdom Asylum Law in its European Context”, published by Platinum Press at the SOAS University of London. Furthermore, while currently on partial leave from the University of Makeni (Sierra Leone), Curtis Doebbler is an attorney at the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), the largest representative of asylum seekers in the United States.



Expert on Human Trafficking and Asylum

Dr. iur. Nula Frei works as a senior assistant at the Institute for European Law at the University of Fribourg. She was previously a research assistant at the Center for Migration Law and the Swiss Competence Centre for Human Rights at the University of Bern. She wrote her dissertation on the protection of human trafficking victims in asylum procedures. Additionally, she is the author of numerous publications on asylum and refugee law. She previously worked at the UNHCR office for Switzerland and Lichtenstein.


Expert on Human Rights Law

Prof. Dr. iur. Jörg Künzli is Professor for International Law at the University of Bern, mainly focusing on Human Rights on both national and international levels. Furthermore, he is the director of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights (SCHR) and the Cluster Manager Police and Justice at the SCHR.




Expert on Rights of Migrants in a Vulnerable Situation

Since 1995, Jyothi Kanics has been active with NGOs and international organizations including UNHCR, UNICEF and Save the Children. She has been advocating for the rights of migrants in a vulnerable situation such as separated children, detained migrants, trafficked persons, undocumented migrants and stateless persons. She is currently finishing her PhD in Law at the University of Lucerne. She has a Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford and a Masters in International Relations from Yale University. She provides expert advice to various NGOs and foundations. She is an active individual member and Advisory Committee member of the European Network on Statelessness in Switzerland. She is also an Associate Member of the NGO Child Circle, where she contributes to advocacy work at the European level.



Expert on the Dublin III Regulation

Expert on Asylum Law

Roman Schuler is an Attorney practising in Lucerne, specialising in migration law, human rights and criminal law. He regularly conducts proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committee Against Torture and publishes on migration law issues.



Ancien juge au Tribunal administratif fédéral

Walter Stöckli est ancien juge du Tribunal administratif fédéral suisse, il y évaluait les recours en matière de droit de l'asile. Auparavant, il a été juge et président de chambre à la Commission de recours en matière d'asile. Auparavant il a travaillé pour l'Organisation suisse d'aide aux réfugiés où il a créé le service d'aide juridique. Walter Stöckli a écrit de nombreux articles et publications au sujet du droit de l'asile et a été l'initiateur et l'éditeur de la revue ASYL.


Prof. Dr. iur. Francesco Maiani is associate professor of European Law at the University of Lausanne. He mainly focuses on the law of European integration, international human rights and refugee law, as well as EU migration law and policies. As an expert on the Dublin Regulation, Prof. Maiani wrote a report on the reform of the Dublin III Regulation for the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament as well as several articles and contributions on the topic.



Expert on Migration Law and Migration Criminal Law



Expert on migration law and international human rights procedures

Dr. iur. Marc Spescha is a lawyer focusing on migration law and migration criminal law in Zurich. Furthermore, he also teaches Swiss migration law at the University of Fribourg and has had several other teaching positions in various institutions. He also authored several published articles, mainly in the field of migration law.



Expert on child and refugee law and policy

Alexandra Dufresne is an American lawyer for refugees and children. In the U.S., she represented low-income refugees and immigrants detained by the Department of Homeland Security and taught Child Law, Refugee Law, and Immigration Law at Yale College. She also worked for many years as a lawyer at leading children's rights NGOs and on the Board of IRIS, a leading refugee resettlement NGO. She teaches Child Law at the University of Zurich and Anglo-American law at ZHAW, where she is currently writing a textbook on Anglo-American law. Alexandra Dufresne is also the Director of ZHAW's International NGO Law and Policy Project. She writes frequently about policy and political issues for U.S., European, and UK media. She serves on the Board of Trustees of Asylos and on the Advisory Committee of New Women Connectors.

Stephanie Motz is a lawyer from Zurich specializing in migration and criminal law as well as international human rights proceedings. She regularly conducts proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committees. She is an expert on asylum law for the Swiss Confederation's CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) guidelines and drafts expert reports on the compatibility of Swiss asylum law with international human rights and refugee law standards for e.g. UNHCR. She teaches International Migration Law at the University of Lucerne.