AsyLex is a non-profit organization located in Switzerland providing legal advice to asylum seekers. It is our vision that any asylum seeker in Switzerland knows the basics of the asylum procedure, is aware of the criteria for asylum and has access to legal advice at any time.

We are organised in the following specialised teams.



In the Family Team we are responsible for all questions related to family reunification. If you have family members (spouses, children, parents) who are still abroad or who do not have a Swiss residence permit yet, we are happy to support, answer your questions and/or help drafting a request or an appeal.

2 Detention Team.JPG


The Detention & Criminal Law Team represents people who are in detention pending deportation. We appeal against detention orders or file applications for release from detention.  We also represent foreigners who have received a penalty order within the framework of the law on foreigners. If you know someone who is affected by this, or if you are in this situation yourself, please contact us!

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At the AIG / Asylum Procedure Team, we are responsible for tasks and questions concerning the asylum procedure as well as migration law. These tasks include requests for change of canton, appeals against negative asylum decisions and requests for change of permit. We are looking forward to help you in these matters!

4 Social Support_Civil Law Team.JPG


The social support and civil law team deals with side effects of the asylum procedure and difficulties during the integration in Switzerland.
In addition to general questions about dealing with authorities and about support services offered by civil society, we advise asylum seekers during and after their asylum procedure on social welfare matters and civil law (e.g. consumers rights) issues.

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The Dublin Team provides guidance to clients about the Dublin-III-Regulation, which decides which member state is responsible to examine the asylum application. We review and assess Dublin decisions by SEM, we check whether family members in other Dublin countries are allowed to be reunited with the person in Switzerland and support with the reunification. We also calculate Dublin-III-deadlines (particularly the deadline for Switzerland to return a person to another member state).

Besides this, we are of course happy to help you with any other question related to the Dublin-III-Regulation.

6 International Cooperation Team.JPG


The International Cooperation Team manages the international network of AsyLex. Through our membership in several international and European organisations, we are able to participate in the political development of asylum law. We further maintain AsyLex's network of partner organisations, which includes responding to requests and establishing contacts for people being deported from Switzerland. In addition, the international cooperation team includes Team Afghanistan, Team Greece, Team Italy and Team Lebanon.
Finally, we are responsible for humanitarian visas.

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The International Human Rights Litigation Team supports people who experienced serious human rights violations such as sexual gender-based violence (SGBV), torture, serious racial discrimination, as well as violations against children’s rights. We bring cases that have not been adequately assessed during the national asylum procedures to international instances such as CAT, CEDAW, CERD and CRC. In this way, we aim to prevent the removal of vulnerable people to their country of origin or a Dublin state, where they would be exposed to severe human rights violations again.

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AsyLex has various teams that handle the daily business of running the organization, such as Administration & IT, Translations, Finance & Fundraising, Knowhow & Training, HR & Mental Health, Social Media, Public Relations, Legal Tech, Financial Inclusion, etc. All these teams and volunteers contribute in various important ways to the daily operation of AsyLex and thereby to the support of asylum seekers in Switzerland and other countries.

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The Office Team is responsible for the smooth operation of AsyLex and the coordination of all tasks and teams. Media and collaboration requests can be addressed directly to