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AsyLex Academy 06.05.23 in Basel

We are excited to invite you to the second AsyLex Academy of 2023!

When: Saturday, 06.05.2023 (starting at 09:30)

Where: Basel

Topic: Border Externalisation and Push-Backs in Europe

On Saturday 6. May 2023, the next AsyLex Academy will take place in Basel. The topic will be: «Border Externalisation and Push-Backs in Europe».

Download PDF • 2.14MB

We have invited speakers from various fields, including Kiri Santer from Watch the Med Alarmphone and Annina Mullis from Legal Centre Lesvos, to discuss the situation on the EU external border. Additionally, Joanna Feiermuth, one of our fantastic board members, will be presenting on contact desk shifts and sharing insights on communicating with clients. As a special guest, we are excited to have human rights activist Anni Lanz join us for lunch and engage in an exchange on migration law and -practice.

Our Academies are now also open for external participants. If you are interested, check out the flyer and contact us. We have a special offer for NGO's and students.

For any questions regarding the Academy, please reach out to the operations team via email (

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