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Crowdfunding for our Family Team

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The right to family life is a fundamental human right. This right is often denied to protection-seeking individuals who are fleeing their country of origin. Families are frequently separated during the dangerous journey of escape. Alternatively, a family member may have to leave loved ones behind in great concern for their safety. The AsyLex Family Team advocates for the reunification of these separated families through pro bono legal work.

To continue this important work, we and our clients rely on your support! Thanks to the significant voluntary commitment of the 14-person Family Team, the project budget can be kept manageable. Nevertheless, as a donation-based organization, we depend on the support of our Crowdify community for the ongoing costs of infrastructure, logistics, and coordination, which make the project possible.

To learn more about our crowdfunding, visit us over at crowdify:

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