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No more deportation detention in Bazenheid St. Gallen!

👏 Asylex showed the Swiss Federal Supreme Court that the conditions for administrative detention in the prison of Bazenheid St. Gallen were unlawful and as a result the facilities were closed! 💪

👂 While representing an Afghan asylum seeker who was in Dublin deportation detention we noticed that the prison conditions in Bazenheid were unlawful: Confinement in the cells for 20 hours, no internet access, ban on cell phones, possibility to receive visit only behind a glass window, insufficient possibilities for occupation, inappropriate separation of the toilet area, etc. 😖

☝ So we took his case to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court which confirmed that the conditions of detention in the Bazenheid prison do not comply with the requirements under federal law. 📣 As a result, the canton of St. Gallen had to close the Bazenheid deportation prison by 2022. 🙌

Source: 📜

Ruling obtained by AsyLex on the 08.11.22. Read it here:

AsyLex in the News: 🤓

Article in the Tagblatt (19.01.2023):

Article in the Urner Zeitung from the (19.01.2023):

Article by Radio Zürisee News (19.01.2023):

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