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AsyLex is a non-profit association based in Switzerland that aims to support asylum seekers in their legal proceedings through legal advice. We are an independent non-governmental organization that is politically and religiously neutral. Our goal is to provide free legal counseling  to refugees in Switzerland, regardless of their origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, family or financial situation, and regardless of their chances of success. We believe that every person has the right to a basic understanding of the asylum process and a fair hearing. For this reason, AsyLex works to ensure that every asylum seeker in Switzerland understands the fundamentals of the asylum procedure, knows the criteria for granting asylum, and has access to legal advice at all times.

Our team now consists of over 150 volunteers with diverse backgrounds in law, translation, legal tech and IT, political science and international relations, social work, finance, and other specializations. They are the ones who provide the majority of the services and keep the organization running. The majority of our volunteers live in Switzerland, but we also have small teams in Italy, Greece, and Lebanon, as well as individual team members in around 15 other countries around the world. We are proud that our team consists of a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, and that all members identify with our goal of protecting the rights of asylum seekers. Our work is supported by the AsyLex Advisory Council, the AsyLex Committee, and the AsyLex Board, which consist of dedicated experts and representatives from the business and civil society. We are always striving to expand our team and are looking for new volunteers who want to advocate for the rights of asylum seekers.


AsyLex is supported by various experts in the field of migration and asylum. Through the valuable support of these professionals, our volunteers always have the possibility to consult with an expert on difficult questions or cases.



Expert on Migration Law and International Human Rights Protection

Dr. iur. Fanny de Weck is a lawyer focusing on migration and criminal law working in Zurich. She has worked at the International Human Rights Unit at the Federal Office of Justice in Bern. In this context, she gained considerable experience regarding individual complaints procedures before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Committees in Geneva.



Expert on International Proceedings regarding Refugee Protection

Curtis Doebbler, an international human rights lawyer, has represented clients before global human rights bodies since 1988. He's advised several governments, including the Palestinian National Authority, and represented many refugees and displaced persons in Africa. Curtis has authored "United Kingdom Asylum Law in its European Context" and is presently an attorney at Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), the biggest representative of US asylum seekers, while on partial leave from the University of Makeni (Sierra Leone).



Expert on the Dublin III Regulation

Prof. Dr. iur. Francesco Maiani is associate professor of European Law at the University of Lausanne. He mainly focuses on the law of European integration, international human rights and refugee law, as well as EU migration law and policies. As an expert on the Dublin Regulation, Prof. Maiani wrote a report on the reform of the Dublin III Regulation for the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament as well as several articles and contributions on the topic.



Former Judge of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court

Walter Stöckli is an esteemed former judge of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, with a vast experience of assessing appeals in asylum law. Prior to his role at the court, he served as a judge and chamber president at the Asylum Appeals Commission. He also played an instrumental role in setting up the legal aid service at the Swiss Refugee Aid Organisation SFH. Mr. Stöckli has authored several articles and publications on the subject of asylum law, and is credited as the initiator and editor of the distinguished journal, ASYL.



Expert on Rights of Migrants in a Vulnerable Situation

Jyothi Kanics has advocated for refugee and migrant rights since 1995 with organisations such as UNHCR, UNICEF and Save the Children. She has supported vulnerable migrants, including trafficked persons, detained migrants, separated children, stateless persons, and undocumented migrants. She is currently Director of Policy and Advocacy for Europe with Kids in Need of Defense (KIND). Jyothi has a Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford and a Masters in International Relations from Yale University. She provides expert advice to NGOs and foundations and serves as an Advisory Committee member of the European Network on Statelessness.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.57.54.png

Expert on Asylum Law


Roman Schuler is an Attorney practising in Lucerne, specialising in migration law, human rights and criminal law. He regularly conducts proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committee Against Torture and publishes on migration law issues.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 11.06.30.png


Expert on Migration Law and Migration Criminal Law

Dr. iur. Marc Spescha is a lawyer focusing on migration law and migration criminal law in Zurich. Furthermore, he also teaches Swiss migration law at the University of Fribourg and has had several other teaching positions in various institutions. He also authored several published articles, mainly in the field of migration law.



Expert on migration law and international human rights procedures

Stephanie Motz is a lawyer from Zurich specializing in migration and criminal law as well as international human rights proceedings. She regularly conducts proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Committees. She is an expert on asylum law for the Swiss Confederation's CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) guidelines and drafts expert reports on the compatibility of Swiss asylum law with international human rights and refugee law standards for e.g. UNHCR. She teaches International Migration Law at the University of Lucerne.



Expert on child and refugee law and policy

Alexandra Dufresne is an American lawyer for refugees and children. In the U.S., she represented low-income refugees and immigrants detained by the Department of Homeland Security and taught Child Law, Refugee Law, and Immigration Law at Yale College. She also worked for many years as a lawyer at leading children's rights NGOs and on the Board of IRIS, a leading refugee resettlement NGO. She teaches Child Law at the University of Zurich and Anglo-American law at ZHAW, where she is currently writing a textbook on Anglo-American law. Alexandra Dufresne is also the Director of ZHAW's International NGO Law and Policy Project. She writes frequently about policy and political issues for U.S., European, and UK media. She serves on the Board of Trustees of Asylos and on the Advisory Committee of New Women Connectors.



Expert on international and EU migration and asylum law

Dr. iur. Maja Lysienia combines academic research with a first-hand experience in providing legal assistance to asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and stateless persons. For over twelve years, she has been supporting with her legal expertise various international and civil society
organizations working on asylum and migration. Her doctoral dissertation, written at the University of Zurich, focused on the judicial dialogue between the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union in the area of asylum. She is a long-standing national expert within the Asylum Information Database (AIDA) run by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.



AsyLex is supported by numerous personalities from civil society, culture, business and politics. Learn more about the members of our AsyLex Committee and their reasons for supporting us.




"The West sets the world on fire and shuts its doors. Part of this inhuman and despicable strategy is that refugees do not even understand the asylum procedures and thus their already small chances and severely curtailed rights. Asylex makes an important contribution to rectifying this situation."



former Member of the National Council (Center Party)

"AsyLex represents the values of humanitarian Switzerland. I find it worthy of support that they carry out such qualified work with the help of over 50 dedicated volunteers - I wish the team much courage in the future!"



Member of the National Council (Social Democrats)

"80 million people worldwide are currently displaced and in search of protection. Those who have found their way to Switzerland face the next challenge: the Swiss asylum system. The legal advice and support that AsyLex offers free of charge to those affected in asylum proceedings is therefore extremely valuable and worthy of support."



Explorer, Doctor and Opinion Leader

"We live in a world where inequalities, in addition to being morally unacceptable, are also becoming a threat to security. This is why I admire the work of AsyLex. This highly motivated team of young volunteers is trying to make the impossible possible—to give access to free legal aid to the most disadvantaged people in our society."



Member of the National Council (Liberal Party)

"I believe it is important to support an association like AsyLex, as it helps people in very vulnerable situations who do not know how our institutions work and who find themselves powerless when faced with complex issues in a foreign language and environment. AsyLex offers them useful support to better understand the stakes of a complex and potentially impressive procedure. It is important that the asylum procedure allows for the most objective possible definition of who is entitled to international protection within the meaning of the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees."



President of the Green Party

"At the end of the migratory journey, the asylum system is a new maze, through which it is essential to be able to defend oneself by asserting one's rights. AsyLex is an invaluable support for all legal questions on this road."


Lea Hungerbühler, President
Nathalie Vainio, Vice President

Dani Gmür, Events & Education

Patrizia Birchler, Quality Management

Thomas Hugi Yar, Legal Advisor

Adrian Zwicker, IT/Tech

Marcel Werdenberg, Finance

David Wicki, Fundraising

Jessica Gauch, External Advisor

Mei Yi Lew, Legel/Quality Management

Julie Frei, Legal/Actuary

Felicia Käslin, HR

Aresu Rabbani, Translation

Emirhan Darcan, Translation

Vorstand Visual (1).png


Team Family.JPG


In the Family Team we are responsible for all questions related to family reunification. If you have family members (spouses, children, parents) who are still abroad or who do not have a Swiss residence permit yet, we are happy to support, answer your questions and/or help drafting a request or an appeal.

Social Support and Civil Law Team.JPG


The social support and civil law team deals with side effects of the asylum procedure and difficulties during the integration in Switzerland.
In addition to general questions about dealing with authorities and about support services offered by civil society, we advise asylum seekers during and after their asylum procedure on social welfare matters and civil law (e.g. consumers rights) issues.

Team International Litigation.JPG


The International Human Rights Litigation Team supports people who experienced serious human rights violations such as sexual gender-based violence (SGBV), torture, serious racial discrimination, as well as violations against children’s rights. We bring cases that have not been adequately assessed during the national asylum procedures to international instances such as CAT, CEDAW, CERD and CRC. In this way, we aim to prevent the removal of vulnerable people to their country of origin or a Dublin state, where they would be exposed to severe human rights violations again.

DSC_4482crimm (2).JPG


The Crimmigration Team represents persons against whom criminal proceedings have been opened for offences under Federal Act on Foreign Nationals and Integration (e.g. unlawful entry, unlawful residence) before the criminal prosecution authorities. Due to the short deadlines in summary penalty order procedures (10 days), it is important to contact us quickly so that we can lodge an objection promptly and examine the next steps.  We also act as legal counsellors for foreign nationals who have been victims of racism, police violence or human trafficking.

Detention Team.JPG


The Detention Team represents people who are in detention pending deportation. We appeal against detention orders or file applications for release from detention. If you know someone who is affected by this, or if you are in this situation yourself, please contact us!

Dublin Team.JPG


The Dublin Team provides guidance to clients about the Dublin-III-Regulation, which decides which member state is responsible to examine the asylum application. We review and assess Dublin decisions by SEM, we check whether family members in other Dublin countries are allowed to be reunited with the person in Switzerland and support with the reunification. We also calculate Dublin-III-deadlines (particularly the deadline for Switzerland to return a person to another member state).

Besides this, we are of course happy to help you with any other question related to the Dublin-III-Regulation.

Operations Team.JPG


AsyLex has various teams that handle the daily business of running the organization, such as Administration, Translation, Finance & Fundraising, Education & Training, HR & Mental Health, Events, Social Media, Public Relations, Legal Tech & IT, etc. All these teams and volunteers contribute in various important ways to the daily operation of AsyLex and thereby to the support of asylum seekers in Switzerland and other countries.



In the AIG / Procedure Team, we are responsible for tasks and questions concerning the asylum procedure as well as migration law. These tasks include reconsideration requests in the asylum procedure, requests for change of canton, requests for change of permit (N to B and F to B). We are looking forward to helping you in these matters!

International Department.JPG


The International Cooperation Team manages the international network of AsyLex. Through our membership in several international and European organizations, we are able to participate in the political development of asylum law. We further maintain AsyLex's network of partner organisations, which includes responding to requests and establishing contacts for people being deported from Switzerland. In addition, the international cooperation team includes Team Afghanistan, Team Greece, Team Italy and Team Lebanon.
Finally, we are responsible for humanitarian visas.

Office Team.JPG


The Office Team is responsible for the smooth operation of AsyLex and the coordination of all tasks and teams. Media and collaboration requests can be addressed directly to

AsyLex Global Team

AsyLex Global was born from the vision to ensure that asylum seekers have access to justice that extends to the international level.
We recognize the significant potential of international human rights mechanisms in protecting the rights of asylum seekers who have experienced severe human rights violations.

Find out more here.



  • Cora Schmid, Co-CEO and Attorney-at-law

  • Michel Brülhart, Co-CEO and Head Legal Advisory

  • Joanna Freiermuth, Head Legal Advisory

  • Lea Riedener, Co-Head Operations

  • Meret Hofer, Co-Head Operations

  • Sarah Röthlisberger, Head Detention

  • Joëlle Spahni, Head International

  • Michael Meyer, Head Dublin


  • Enzo Bernet,  Intern NGO Management & Operations

  • Delphine Salaverry, Intern Refugee Law

  • Marisol Oertel, Intern Refugee Law

  • Yasmin Graff, Intern AsyLex Global

  • Noah Husmann, Intern Detention

  • Anna Marti, Intern International Litigation

  • Clara Böttinger, Intern Dublin



The team members of AsyLex stand up for refugees' rights every day:

  • Abdirisak Usman,Team Translation, Translator

  • Adnan Aljasem, Team Translation, Translator

  • Aijan Muktar, Team AsyLex Global, Research Volunteer 

  • Alec Buchs, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Alessia Neuschwander, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Alexandra Dufresne, External Specialist, Legal Advisor

  • Alexander Gomez Mariaca, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Alissa Buscemi, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Alix Goetz, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Alper Canavci, Team Translation, Translatorvane

  • Amal Ounalli, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor

  • Amandine Bernel, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Amir Naimzada, Team Translation, Translator

  • Amtul Mahmood, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Andrea Würsch, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor

  • Anika Brunner, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Anja Müller, Team Social Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Anne-Sophie Meyer, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Annika Fuchs, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor 

  • Annina Erni, AIG & Procedure, Co-Teamleader

  • Annina Oberholzer, Team International Human Rights Litigation, Short Term Intern 

  • Arash Sawgand, Team Translation, Translator

  • Aresu Rabbani, Team Translation, Translator and Board Member

  • Arianna Ortelli, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Artemis Papavasileiou, External Specialist, Legal Advisor

  • Ashraf Hamza, Team Translation, Translator

  • Athanasia Paipai, Team International Cooperations, Legal Advisor 

  • Aurélie Salamin, Team Office, Legal Advisor

  • Bana Musie, Team Detention & Dublin, Short Term Intern 

  • Beatrice Borio, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Belkiss Souayed, Team Translation, Translator

  • Benjamin Seifert, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Berfin Kara, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Bigna Schall, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Bonnie Thottukadavil, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Camille Esnou, Team International Human Rights Litigation, Legal Advisor

  • Carolina Keller, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Carry Tang, Team International Litigation, Co-Teamleader

  • Charlotte Imhof, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor 

  • Chloé Pignolet, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Christina Schultheiss, International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Çimen Dagli, Team Operations, Begleitperson Ausreisegespräche

  • Claude Lehmann, Team Detention and Criminal Law, Teamleader

  • Claire Lacour, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Collins Mbuayang, Team Global, Lega

  • Danai Spiess, Team Criminal Law, Legal Advisor 

  • Daniel Gmür, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Co-Teamleader

  • Daniel Tsegay, Team Translation, Translator

  • Darius Harnisch, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • David Araz, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Deaa Alhak Chaleh, Legal Tech & IT, Specialist

  • Didier Leyvraz, Team Family, Co-Teamleader

  • Dina Khadum, Team Translation, Translator

  • Dominic Ley, Team Family Reunification and Dublin, Legal Advisor 

  • Dominik Züsli, AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Dua Sabah, Team International Cooperation, Specialist

  • Elena Liechti, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Elena Stüssi, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Eva van der Wal, Team Global, Legal Advisor

  • Emirhan Darcan, Team Translation, Translator and Board Member

  • Fanny Toutou-Mpondo, Team Detention, Mentor

  • Federica, Zürcher, Team AIG Procedures, Legal Advisor

  • Felicia Käslin, Team HR & Mental Health, Co-Teamleader

  • Felicia Pankratz, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Finn NIna Hasler, Team AIG Procedures, Legal Advisor

  • Firas Ismail, Team Translation, Translator

  • Flore Dikkers, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Franziska Lörch, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Gloria Choolamparambil, Team Translation, Teamleader

  • Grace Gonçalves, Team Translation, Translator

  • Gregory Stauffer, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Greta Agliati, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor 

  • Hafez Abou Alchamat, Team Translation, Translator

  • Hamdy Shaban, Team Translation, Translator

  • Hanna Minkoska, Team Ukraine, Legal Advisor

  • Hedda Bölsterli, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Hekmat Battman, Team Translation

  • Henriette Kämpfer, Team Social Support and Civil Law, Legal Advisor 

  • Harun Cetin, Team Social Support and Civil Law, Legal Advisor 

  • Hasan Dursun, Team Translation, Translator

  • Ilaria Moioli, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Isabella Dias Kopp, Team Criminal Law, Legal Advisor

  • Isabella Schneider, Team International Litigation, Short-Term Intern 

  • Jannike Boller, Team AIG Procedures, Legal Advisor 

  • Jasmin Andreatta, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Jana Bärlocher, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor

  • Janira Bettosini, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Jeannine Boccali, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Joanna Freiermuth, Team International Litigation, Co-Teamleader

  • Johanna Hug, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Jonas Reymond, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Jonas Zürrer, Team AsyLex Global, Research Volunteer

  • Jorgos Boulamatsis, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Julia Bayer, Team Detention, Legal Advisor 

  • Julie Frei, Team Detention, Co-Teamleader and Board Member

  • Kalliopi Karakaidou, External Specialist, Legal Advisor

  • Kateryna Popovych, Team Ukraine, Legal Advisor

  • Kathrin Oester, External Specialist, Specialist

  • Kokilarasa Saajiny, Team Translation, Translator

  • Kristin Francis, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Lara Burkhalter, Team International Cooperations, Legal Advisor

  • Lara Höft, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Laura Peci, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Laura Valez, Team International Cooperations, Legal Advisor

  • Laura Zanini, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Lea Hungerbühler, President and Founder

  • Lea Keller, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Lena Carlen, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Leonie Rüegg, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Letizia Bozzi, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Lia Fässler, Team Criminal Law, Legal Advisor 

  • Lina Bladh, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Lioba Gasser, Team International Cooperations, Legal Advisor

  • Livia Giezendanner, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Livia Keller, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Luisa Baumann, Team International Cooperations, Co-Teamleader

  • Lulbahri Araya, Team Translation, Translator

  • Lucia Menghi-Niccolini, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Luzia Neukomm, Team Criminal Law, Legal Advisor

  • Magda Koukoutsi, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Mahmoud Fadel, Team Translation, Translator

  • Mahmut Öztürk, Team Translation, Translator

  • Mahsa Moghadaszadeh, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Malika Rahmany, Team Translation, Translator

  • Malin Winkler, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Legal Advisor

  • Marcel Werdenberg, Team Finance & Fundraising, Board Member

  • Marc Mischler, External Specialist, Legal Advisor 

  • Maria Vorobyova, Team Translation, Translator

  • Marion Chautard, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Marlen Stöckli, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Maryam Poopal, Team Translation, Translator

  • Matthias Stauffacher, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Maximilian Schöller, Team Family, Co-Teamleader

  • Mayra Salazar, Team Translation, Translator

  • Mei Yi Lew, Team Family, Legal Advisor 

  • Mia Ammon, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Mia Vetterli, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Michèle Hurter, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Mike Schumacher, Social Support & Civil Law, Co-Teamleader

  • Milena Kundert, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Milena Urbas, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Mira Moubarak, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Misgna Batha, Team Translation, Translator

  • Mohammed Hussein, Team Translation, Translator

  • Muhammad Kazim Cakmak, Team Translation, Translator

  • Muhammad Ihtsham Hashmi, Team Legal Tech & IT, Specialist

  • Murat Yildirim, Team Translation, Translator

  • Nadja Löhrer, External Specialist, Specialist

  • Naima Grünenfelder, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor

  • Naomi Fertitta, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Natalia Kulish, Team Ukraine, Legal Advisor 

  • Nathalie Vainio, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor & Board Member

  • Neilton Meewes, Team Legal Tech & IT, Specialist 

  • Niaz Mohammadi, Team Translation, Translator

  • Niklas Gräfen, International Cooperation & International Litigation, Legal Advisor 

  • Nina Neiger, Team Detention, Co-Teamleader

  • Nina Nodup, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Nisha Thangeswaren, Legal Advisor

  • Olga Malenko, Team Translation, Translator

  • Olha Yavorska, Team Translation, Translator

  • Olivia Moor, Team International Cooperation, Co-Teamleader

  • Orianna Haldimann, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Pascal Kamber, Team Criminal Law, Legal Advisor

  • Patricia Bührer, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Patrizia Birchler, Team AIG & Procedure, Co-Teamleader

  • Perla Bachman, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Pierre Raheb, Team Translation, Translator

  • Rafael Duarte, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor 

  • Rafael Haeseli, Team Dublin, Co-Teamleader

  • Rafiullah Rahimi, Team Translations, Translator

  • Rahel Giudice, External Specialist, Specialist

  • Ratheeshan Gunaratnam, Team Dublin, Co-Teamleader

  • Reem El-Masri, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Regula Hungerbühler, External Specialist, Board Member

  • Renata Durdevac, Team Translation, Translator

  • Rim Zaouia, External Specialist, Legal Advisor

  • Robiel Mulubrhan, Team Translation, Translator

  • Rosaline Azzi, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Ryan Yussuf, Team AsyLex Global, Legal Advisor

  • Sami Mahjoubi, Team International Litigation, Legal Advisor

  • Sandra Parra, Team AsyLex Global, Legal Advisor

  • Sandrine Wibin, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Sara Schödler, Team Criminal Law, External Specialist

  • Sarah Mills, Team International Cooperation, External Specialist

  • Saskia Hefti, Team External Communication, Content Creator

  • Selahattin Capartas, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Selina Neuhold, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Sharlene Westerwinter, Team HR & Mental Health, Co-Teamleader

  • Skylar Furley, Team International Cooperations, Legal Advisor

  • Sofia Manzini, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Sophia Ianni, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Sophia Koch, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Soroush Moradi, Team Dublin, Legal Advisor

  • Tana Ibarra, Team Detention, Legal Advisor

  • Tanja Coskun-Ivanovic, External Specialist, Legal Advisor

  • Thomas Hugi Yar, Team Detention, Mentor

  • Tiziana Pavone, Team Family, Legal Advisor

  • Ulrich Dällenbach, Team Social Support & Civil Law, Specialist

  • Vaisnavi Ratnam, Team AIG & Procedure, Legal Advisor

  • Viacheslav Godovskii, Team Translation, Translator

  • Viktoria Guido, External Specialist, Specialist

  • Viola Könz, Team International Cooperation, Legal Advisor

  • Vital Meyer, Team LegalTech & IT, Specialist

  • Winter Bahar, Team Translation, Translator

  • Yaqoob Attal, Team Translation, Translator

  • Yasin Sarwari, Team Translation, Translator

  • Yeabio Melake, Team Translation, Translator

  • Yoseph Endrias Lechebo, Team Translation, Translator

  • Zia Ensafi, Team Translation, Translator

  • Zuhir Shaker, Team Translation, Translator

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