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General Terms & Conditions

1. AsyLex provides its services at no cost to refugees. If a service was or has been accepted maliciously, AsyLex has the right to claim liability. AsyLex is a non-profit organisation located in Switzerland. We support asylum seekers in their procedure by providing free legal advice. It is our vision that any asylum seeker in Switzerland knows the basics of the asylum procedure, is aware of the criteria for asylum and has at any time access to free legal advice. We provide our services without discriminating our clients in any way, i.e. independent of their origin, religion, age, sex, family or financial circumstances as well as independent of the success chances of their request. AsyLex provides any advice for asylum seekers free of charge, in case of legal representation the fees levied by us depend on the client’s income and financial situation. All activities are financed by donations and made possible by various volunteers working for free.


2. AsyLex provides its services mainly online. Personal advice or support is provided on a case-by-case basis if AsyLex has sufficient capacity. There is no claim for personal advice. The AsyLex volunteers provide their services in accordance with the Swiss laws and regulations with due diligence on a confidential basis.


3. AsyLex reserves the right to withdraw from a current mandate at any time due to important reasons. Important reasons are notably the loss of trust (e.g. in case of incorrect information provided by the client), lack of capacity or indicia for a potentially criminal behaviour of the client.


4. The client herewith commits himself/herself that all his or her statements towards AsyLex are true.


5. The client is liable for any costs deriving from the mandate as well as for any court costs occurring.


6. Material Swiss law applies to the contract of mandate. In case of litigation, the courts at the seat of AsyLex are responsible.


7. These general terms and conditions are made available to each client before signing of the power of attorney. The general terms and conditions may be saved and/or downloaded.


8. The German versions of the general terms and conditions and the website are binding, this translation is just for the purpose of improved understanding.


9. The general terms and conditions are available at any time on If needed, they may be amended by AsyLex at any time. Any amendments become applicable from the day of publication on If the client continues using the services of AsyLex after such an amendment, he/she therewith agrees with the general terms and conditions as amended.


10. In case one of the provisions of these general terms and conditions turns out to be unlawful, this does not affect the validity of the rest of the provisions.


11.The information on our website is not legal advice, but general information. Please contact us directly on Facebook or at for individual legal advice.



Data Protection Provisions AsyLex


Please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Last updated September 12, 2023

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