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AsyLex Academy 18.02.23 in Lausanne

We are excited to invite you to the first AsyLex Academy of 2023!

When: Saturday, 18.02.2023 (starting at 10:00 o'clock) Where: Lausanne Topic: Current Struggles and Developments of the Dublin-III-Regulation

On Saturday 18. February 2023, the next AsyLex Academy will take place in Lausanne. The topic will be: "Switzerland and the European Asylum Regime: Current Struggles and Developments of the Dublin-III-Regulation". We invited speakers from different areas, such as a representative of the organization 'Solidarité sans Frontières', expert Simon Noori, the politician Lisa Mazzone, and others, to talk about #StopDublinCroatia, research on EU databases, access to labor and more.

Our Academies are now also open for external participants. If you are interested, check out the flyer and contact us. We have a special offer for NGO's and students.

For any questions regarding the Academy, please reach out to the opeations team via email (

Flyer Academy 18.02.23
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