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Crowdfunding: Justice for M.!

Dear Community, we urgently need your help in an ongoing case!

M. had to flee his home country due to his regime-critical music lyrics. He tried to seek protection in Switzerland, but was illegally pushed back several times. About 1.5 years ago AsyLex filed a criminal complaint against the border guards involved for deprivation of liberty, abuse of authority and other offenses; now we need your support to expose the illegal actions at the Swiss border and to get justice for M.!

These processes are usually very costly and M. does not have the necessary means to conduct this important trial. For this reason, we are starting a crowdfunding campaign, so we can continue to support M. as his legal representatives. We are collecting 5’000.- CHF, which is only a fraction of the actual cost. The rest we will cover pro bono, as usual.

Please consider donating - if you can - and sharing our campaign with your friends and family!

You can find all further information here:

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