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Panel Discussion on Resettlement as an Alternative Pathway

On Saturday 10 December 22 we hosted our first ever Panel Discussion on Resettlement as an Alternative Pathway? An Evaluation of Theory and Practice as part of our AsyLex Winter Academy.

We had the great pleasure to welcome representatives from the most important organizations involved in Refugee Resettlement to Switzerland: Vanessa Tampieri, Senior Protection Assistant at UNHCR; Sylvie Heuschmann, Resettlement Coordinator at IOM; Daniel Ryf, Head of the Section for Multilateral Matters from SEM; Sylvia Braun, Specialist for International Matters for SFH as well as our own Joëlle Spahni, Head of International at AsyLex. The panel was moderated by Lea Hungerbühler, founder and CEO of AsyLex. Together we discussed the involvement and roles of the different actors in the Swiss resettlement program, its possibilities and limits, recent developments and challenges.

Contributions like this are vital to the service our volunteers provide for hundreds of refugees every day. Not only is the personal exchange with authorities and organizations extremely valuable for our network, but being able to ask questions directly and have interesting conversations on the spot gives our volunteers the chance to broaden their understanding of the procedures and the topic at hand.

We would like to sincerely thank all participants for taking their time to share their knowledge and experience with our volunteers!

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