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Successful family reunification case

⭐️✨ And another success case - showing how even a pretty hopeless situation may turn into a very big success for everyone involved!

😔⛔️ In this case, an Afghan man staying in Switzerland with an F permit was hoping that his wife and young son, which are currently in Tehran, could join him here in Switzerland. Even though the prerequisites for family reunification were not fulfilled, we still tried to file an application. At the same time, we filed a multiple asylum application—however, both with very little hope for success.

🤩💛 The greater was the excitement when we heard that our client was granted asylum! He received a B permit, and we immediately filed a new family reunification application under the newly applicable simpler conditions.

👨‍👩‍👦💫 Just a few days ago, we have received the entry permit in favor of our client’s wife and son! They will soon be able to obtain a visa and, hopefully, find themselves together in Switzerland!

💸💸 Thanks to our successful crowdfunding campaign last year, our Afghanistan emergency team is still able to take on cases like this one!

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